BEOM for DSS PSCC of Sochi

Implementing and configuring of the ontological model BEOM in order to developing the Decision Support System of the Power Supply Control Centre (PSCC) 2013.

The methodological basis QuaSy-DSS were innovative smart technologies, including ontological modeling:
ontological model of the enterprise (BEOM),
the concept of systemic-situational control of activity of enterprise (CoSSCA)
experientology as the direction of providing structuring, organization, storage, and transmission of real experience,
as well as the Language for  Organizing Common Activity (LOCA).

Based on this ontological foundation was built automated processes for collecting, processing, statistical analysis and visual display of information about the current activities of organizations engaged in supplying of electricity Olympic venues, including the maintenance of an operative electronic journal to organize activity of Power Supply Control Centre (PSCC).