Development and implementation of an operational electronic journal of substation (OJUR-SS) at the substations of Sochi and Kuban's PMES 2012.

OJUR-SS for CMGS is based on the application QuaSy OJUR-SS3.1. Built in accordance with the task-oriented approach. In basement of the OJUR-SS was put structured operational tasks duty to solve out by engineer-electrician of substation in usual and in emergency situations. Types and structure of the operational tasks is determined on the basis of ontological modeling of operational activities of technical personnel of substations.

External messages OJUR-SS was directly got from OJUR-CMGS and from appropriate OJUR-SS of other substations, as well as from mobile devices, by which were equipped operational engineers of substations. Also OJUR-SS has been received telemetry data from SCADA (HV SHC) and SCADA (LV SHC) in accordance with the approved list.

All messages were structured in OJUR-SS in accordance with the applicable regulations and in taking into account of specific equipment. Don't exist any way to possibility to enter of any manual record of dispatching name of equipment was ban.
Protected from deletion and correction of entries in OJUR-SS for users of all types and any access rights.

Options of OJUR-SS:

• Records keeping in accordance with the Rules of negotiation and documentation of operational staff of substations of JSC "FGC UES".
• Regular reception of primary and timely information on the status of the equipment of substation and lines, actions of staff, critical assessment of the situation and decision-making.
• Possibility for the operational staff to send information about outage in a structured form directly to the OJUR-SS.
• Regular issuing of short operational reports that are convenient for quick assessment of the situation and the subsequent use in forming daily and weekly situational reports.
• The ability to view the online logs OJUR-SS by authorized heads of OAO "UES FGC" in accordance with business needs.